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allotment / выделение, надел, распределение
имя существительное
discharge, excretion, liberation, secretion, allotment, assignment
allotment, portion, endowment
distribution, allocation, assignment, breakdown, spreading, allotment
имя существительное
the amount of something allocated to a particular person.
the gadget shuts off the television set when a kid has used up his allotment
Therefore, allotment of seats to youth festival winners for professional education courses should be stopped.
A full-time SWAT team spends a huge allotment of its work hours in relevant firearms training.
And for many writers this allotment of time can seem altogether binding and a difficult task to stick to.
Once the parental leave allotment is used up, parents are entitled to work a six-hour day until their youngest child's eighth birthday.
In the second phase, the collection of tax from private car owners, registration of vehicles and allotment of numbers to the newly registered vehicles would be performed by the computers.
For the Choctaws in Oklahoma, allotment proved to be disastrous.
The allotment of shares in the Estate Company, in satisfaction of the purchase price under the 1924 Contract, was made on 29th October 1924.
The Estates arranged for the allotment and collection of taxes, disbursed revenue for public works, and granted the king a portion of the taxes known as the don gratuit.
However, some parents felt the organisers needed to devote attention to details such as time management and allotment of space for parents to wait while their wards were taking the test.
The holidays are busy, moody times, so depending on your attitude and time allotment for the day, you may want to choose either steady-state or interval training as your cardio option.