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alliteration / аллитерация
имя существительное
alliteration, jingle
имя существительное
the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.
With a traditional ballad you may notice the rhyme scheme or alliteration .
Storybooks containing alliteration provide opportunities for children to hear words that have the same beginning sounds.
Strange is masterful in her ability to capture and juxtapose the audible qualities of language alongside the literary tools of assonance and alliteration .
With a traditional ballad you may notice the rhyme scheme or alliteration .
The 1959 set also had Keystone Combo, which is an even higher form of alliteration where the two words sound alike but begin with different letters.
Fourthly, there is a subtle, but powerful alliteration in the fourth line of the second strophe, ‘Amidst an ocean full of flying fishes’.
Her agile command of rhyme, meter, repetition, and alliteration on ‘Rowing Song’ rivals traditional folk classics.
‘It sounds a lot more like an exercise in alliteration than some stunning personal insult,’ he said.
The section on markers discusses rhyme and alliteration , oppositions, word repetition, paradox, metaphor, pithiness and aspects of the syntax of proverbs.
the alliteration of ‘sweet birds sang’
All that assonance and alliteration , though not perfectly obvious, come to hand fairly readily.