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alley / аллея, переулок, кегельбан
имя существительное
alley, avenue, walkway, lane, alleyway, path
lane, alley, side street, alleyway, backstreet, bystreet
bowling alley, skittle alley, alley, skittle ground
имя существительное
a narrow passageway between or behind buildings.
As you walk along narrow alleys , there is a chance that you will see a door and behind it a gondola, or a harpsichord, a fresco or a baroque orchestra rehearsing for an evening concert.
a toy marble made of marble, alabaster, or glass.
To shoot correctly you held the marble between the thumb and forefinger and by flicking the thumb you propelled the alley forward, at great speed.
At 4.5 feet, it is exactly the width of a tennis alley .
I had this calm sense come over me as I was getting up to walk towards the alley , towards, towards the foul line.
In his youth Michael spent a considerable amount of his time in the handball alley in Asdee and became a great exponent of that game.
Some other members of the neighborhood helped to plant flowers and trees along the alley .
The club offers live music and cabaret acts, a bar, a skittle alley , a function room seating more than 100 people, and various other attractions.
Curious, Katie sat up to see what it was when she heard a distinct thud in the alley behind the building.
Great landscaping caught the eye opposite the telephone box and in the general area of the handball alley .
In Wrigley Field, the alley in right-center is a more forgiving 368 feet.
Their trainers crunched against loose stones as they ran down a narrow dirt alley , bordered by high wooden fencing.
By his watch, he waited for another forty-five minutes, sitting on the steps in an alley behind the building.