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allergic / аллергический, не переносящий, питающий отвращение
имя прилагательное
не переносящий
питающий отвращение
averse, allergic
имя прилагательное
caused by or relating to an allergy.
an allergic reaction to penicillin
It is important to know the signs of an allergic reaction to this medicine and to know what to do.
You should tell the anaesthetist if you have experienced any allergic reaction to anaesthetic in the past.
Many of the drugs used to control the disease caused her severe allergic reactions.
is she allergic?
Studies in people with allergic rhinitis and asthma are being initiated.
Have you ever been diagnosed with an allergic condition such as hay fever or eczema?
Hay fever, asthma and eczema are all related allergic conditions and the tendency to develop them runs in families.
allergic disease
Histamine causes most of the typical symptoms that happen in allergic reaction.
My husband does not smoke and has never smoked but a few years back ended up in hospital with an allergic asthma reaction.