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allergen / аллерген
имя существительное
имя существительное
a substance that causes an allergic reaction.
Future exposure to the same allergens will cause the reaction to happen again.
The rash usually clears if the allergen is no longer in contact with the skin, but recurs with any slight contact with it again.
Your allergic reaction happens when your body's immune system mistakes the allergen for a harmful invader.
Wherever possible, the most effective way of treating allergies is to avoid all contact with the allergen causing the reaction.
Whether your eczema is due to an irritant, such as detergent, or due to an allergen , such as nickel, care and treatment of your skin is the same.
The next time you're exposed to the allergen , your immune system launches an allergic reaction.
Gradually your body learns to accept the allergen as the harmless substance it is.
Once a person is sensitized to an allergen or chemical, he or she may develop asthma.
The fact is that, at least in the UK, the GM crops are tested for toxicity and other allergenic effects more stringently than almost anywhere else.
It is well known that vacuum cleaner bags capture large particles but can emit allergens that are too small to be collected in the bag.
In such an enclosed environment, allergens from one food can spread to another.