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allegation / заявление, голословное утверждение
имя существительное
statement, application, declaration, claim, allegation, assertion
голословное утверждение
allegation, a mere assertion
имя существительное
a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof.
he made allegations of corruption against the administration
He once famously got an injunction banning anyone from repeating the allegation that he dyes his hair.
Police investigated the allegation but found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
Details of the allegation have not been revealed but it is understood to have happened in a public area.
It is evident there is no truth in the single allegation made against me.
The burden of proof in an allegation of undue influence rests upon the person who claims to have been wronged.
Any allegation for nuisance is often met with a counter allegation which must also be investigated.
He made no comment to the police but gave them a written statement denying the allegation .
The allegation was that he exceeded his powers by having the complainant's car towed away.
The woman and her boyfriend refused to comment about the allegations in The Mail on Sunday.
The Tory group has stressed that the allegations do not concern any illegal activities.