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all-powerful / всесильный, всемогущий, всевластный
имя прилагательное
omnipotent, all-powerful
omnipotent, almighty, omnipotence, all-powerful
имя прилагательное
having complete power; almighty.
an all-powerful dictator
By 1987 the Tories were all-powerful , and people were speculating Labour would never hold power again.
Ruse sticks to the New Testament view of God as ‘an all-powerful creator who acts out of pure love’.
The all-powerful mill owners were forced to grudgingly accept that their workers were entitled to an annual holiday.
To a believer, God is all-powerful and the ultimate owner of the heavens and earth.
If the world really is controlled by a hidden all-powerful force of politicians and oil men, what chance have we got of changing things for the better?
Democratic but not liberal, it had a constitutionally all-powerful president with limited effective power.
If she was so all-powerful , all-knowing, then how come her duties seemed to consist of serving the drinks?
How else can you describe an all-powerful king who goes so far as to let his creation choose whether to obey him or not?
Eventually, our turn came around, and Ciaran and I were presented with the all-powerful microphone.
Any weakening in the all-powerful US economy could have a nasty flow-on effect.