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all-night / ночной
имя прилагательное
night, nightly, nocturnal, overnight, sleeping, all-night
имя прилагательное
lasting, open, or operating throughout the night.
an all-night party
We remember when Leeds University students had an all-night party and it was horrendous.
That night, the Wild Hearts were having an all-night movie extravaganza at the church.
The hallway was quiet at this time of night, and Tesha was glad that there was an all-night grocery store not too far away.
I've made a couple of gaffes with experiments in all-night bleaching lately.
A burglar broke into a home, let his friends in and then held an all-night party.
So prepare for an all-night vigil as there will also be a post-Palace party down at the Warehouse that will run you until dawn.
Every so often, without apparent rhyme or reason, huge areas of my lawn are ripped to shreds, as if a colony of badgers has been holding an all-night party on it.
Many of us younger ravers missed out on the joyousness of the all-night party scene.
Cots and blankets have been sent into the Senate in preparation for an all-night debate.
Two all-night vigils by the TV fail to yield the new Nic Cage advert.