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all-in-one / неразъемный, цельный
имя прилагательное
whole, solid, integral, entire, perfect, all-in-one
имя прилагательное
combining two or more items or functions in a single unit.
an all-in-one shampoo/conditioner
This all-in-one navigation unit has playback capabilities for CDs, DVDs, and MP3 files.
The trend toward all-in-one systems came about decades ago when equipment was very expensive, and we wanted to run everything on the same box.
An all-in-one unit that stores everything from your computer to CDs, books and files is the perfect solution where your room has to serve two purposes.
This week, Delia Smith made the headlines, instead of a nice, all-in-one sponge cake.
It's a slick all-in-one unit and we're never going back to 6 remotes ever again.
The new machine features a minimalist, all-in-one design that resembles (not coincidentally) a large iPod.
Banks can economically provide all-in-one services because of their sheer size.
Otherwise known as all-in-one devices, multifunction printers combine the features of more than one device in one package.
Throw away your old gadgets: a single all-in-one cell phone can take the place of your laptop, personal organizer, digital camera and portable music player.
Your baby is dressed in an all-in-one stretch-and-grow suit!