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all-important / крайне важный, имеющий первостепенное значение
имя прилагательное
крайне важный
имеющий первостепенное значение
имя прилагательное
vitally important; crucial.
the town's all-important tourist industry
So it could be an important part of a Tory manifesto, but not the all-important issue.
That ideologues can pump up small things and make them seem all-important is very old news.
Of course, the all-important marketing skill was tellingly lacking in Murthy.
But, when it comes to selling a house, the grubby topic of money is all-important .
Once or twice a couple of us even managed to sneak in and get that all-important present from the man with the white beard.
Back then people had more to fear from a simple introduction than just screwing up the all-important first impression.
He flew back to Mumbai on time to be with Suzanne on their all-important day.
The all-important goal came ten minutes from the finish from Oliver Gordon.
Of course, even when we've made that all-important investment decision, it's still not finished.
In many ways, such figures were all-important in helping to shape the New Left.