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all-around / многоборье
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
pervasive, overall, universal, catchall, blanket, all-around
comprehensive, all-round, all-around, in-depth, across-the-board
multilateral, versatile, multi-faceted, diversified, many-sided, all-around
имя прилагательное
having many uses or abilities; versatile.
an all-around artist
имя существительное
an event in which the scores of each individual exercise are totaled to determine the winner.
In world championship all-arounds , he was 15th in ‘74, 12th in ‘78 and 18th in ‘79.
Now that he was bound to a wheelchair, he may have lost the opportunity of doing something big as an all-around athlete, but knowing him well, I was sure that his handicap would not stop him from pursuing his future goals.
Then, three years later, came Romantica, a sweet, hook-filled and all-around excellent record that happened to be their best yet.
Instead, girls feel like they have to be all-around superstars.
His versatility in scoring and all-around offensive game make him perfect in that role.
An all-around horseman, Bode has taken quite a few hard knocks, numerous jobs, spent many hours in the saddle, and many years to attain his level of experience.
Altogether we are presented with an all-around picture of a most remarkable mathematician.
Peralta was considered the circuit's best all-around rider.
In particular, the very talented cast does an all-around excellent job in keeping the human element in the foreground.
Of all the potentially realistic trade candidates for the Yankees, Spivey appears to be the best all-around talent.
It's easy to play the victim because it lets us make excuses for not achieving what we really want in life, whether it's a new job, higher education, or to be an all-around better person.