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alkali / щелочь
имя существительное
имя существительное
a chemical compound that neutralizes or effervesces with acids and turns litmus blue; typically, a caustic or corrosive substance of this kind such as lime or soda.
Amides are hydrolysed to ammonium salts with catalysis by acids or alkalis .
Soap is made by combining a fat source (either animal or vegetable) and an alkali in a chemical process known as saponification.
the reaction is followed by measuring the concentration of alkali at various times
Chemically, aluminum will react with the alkalis in concrete and produce hydrogen bubbles.
Copper is a moderately reactive metal that dissolves in most acids and alkalis .
Platinum also dissolves in hot alkalis such as hot sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.
Tellurium reacts with both acids and some alkalis .
Zinc is a fairly active metal that dissolves in both acids and strong alkalis .
Carboxylic acids also react with alkalis , or bases.
They resist most chemicals, including many acids, alkalis , oxidizing agents, and solvents.
Like semi-permanent dyes, permanent dyes are also alkalis .