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aliquot / кратный
имя прилагательное
multiple, aliquot
имя существительное
вполне определенное количество
имя существительное
a portion of a larger whole, especially a sample taken for chemical analysis or other treatment.
The pellets were resuspended and two aliquots withdrawn for analysis.
divide (a whole) into aliquots; take aliquots from (a whole).
The solution was then aliquoted into individual 435-l volumes.
Quantitative sputum culture was then performed on an aliquot of the sample as described previously.
After incubation, the assay solution with roots was filtered and a 1 mL aliquot from each sample was removed to a new tube.
an aliquot was examined daily for the appearance of cholesterol monohydrate crystals
An aliquot was removed for analysis.
The remaining aliquot was plated to solid medium to determine the transformation efficiency for the experiment.
Each pool was divided into three aliquots and a sufficient quantity of CPG was added to one aliquot.
Sample digestion for Hg analysis was conducted separately, using 5 g aliquots of homogenized samples.
From each patient, 6-10 ml of venous blood was drawn and aliquoted in plain tubes without anticoagulant.
The DNase-treated RNA was precipitated, quantitated and aliquoted .
Each sample was then divided into two aliquots which were subsequently treated separately as described below.