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alike / одинаково, подобно, точно так же
equally, identically, alike, both, evenly
alike, likewise
точно так же
alike, selfsame
имя прилагательное
similar, like, resembling, alike, akin, twin
like, similar, alike, corresponding, another, parallel
same, identical, equal, uniform, alike, one
имя прилагательное
(of two or more subjects) similar to each other.
the brothers were very much alike
in the same or a similar way.
the girls dressed alike in black pants and jackets
I find the pews strong and sturdy, where young and old alike feel secure during periods of worship or quiet reflection.
Yet, despite all this activity, the subject remains a cause of frustration for doctors and patients alike .
the brothers look very alike
They hunted in a pack and even dressed alike in a semi-aware expression of mutual love.
The children were very alike , the older had his arm around the other's shoulder, they were both smiling.
Prior to the start of the Tour, the press and public alike pinpoint potential rivals, but they never live up to the billing.
It is reasonable to expect that contiguous homilies would be more alike than distant ones.
But both think that when they were younger men they were more alike than they are now.
Men and women are much more alike than different, and the huge differences we see are predominantly social.
Other than in the most trivial sense that identical twins look more alike than most people, this is simply false.