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alignment / выравнивание, центровка, регулировка
имя существительное
alignment, leveling, aligning, lining, justification, equation
centering, alignment
adjustment, control, regulation, alignment, tuning, readjustment
имя существительное
arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.
the tiles had slipped out of alignment
a position of agreement or alliance.
a firm famous for its liberal alignment
Personal trainers that are worth their salt can spot poor alignment , correct it and make sure that you are doing the exercise properly.
However it only takes one bill for wheel alignment to bring about very slow driving over these bumps.
Only 22 pieces of private property will be affected by the Metro Rail alignment on the road in Indiranagar.
It was a mile-long track, kidney shaped, roughly on the alignment of the present road circuit in a natural bowl, giving spectators wonderful viewing.
I note that there is almost an alignment with that position from those such as the association.
But it is increasingly thought that the positioning and spacing of these early teeth is crucial for the correct alignment and positioning of permanent teeth.
When exercising with a stability ball, it's important - for both positioning and alignment - that you choose the proper-sized ball.
Despite the beautiful alignment of the main line out of London there are some fearsome grades on most lines elsewhere on the network, and visiting Pacifics have often been in bad trouble on these sections.
In such a situation there has been little room for any clear, simple alignment along the lines of one or two ideologies which could decisively change the country's direction.
Just as a wheel alignment affects the life of automobile tires, precise alignment is key to smooth movement and long-term wear in joint replacements.