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alight / освещенный, зажженный, горящий
имя прилагательное
lit, illuminated, alight, lightened
burning, live, fiery, on fire, ardent, alight
sit down, take, set, board, get in, alight
land, land on, touch down, ground, alight, take ground
go down, descend, go off, come off, come off, alight
в огне
ablaze, afire, aflame, in a blaze, alight
(of a bird) descend from the air and settle.
a lovely blue swallow alighted on a branch
on fire; burning.
the house was well alight when the firemen arrived
If the sitting room we were in was alight with all the lamps I'm sure my face would have looked a color similar to that of a beetroot.
Years later he would confess among his past sins the desire to set alight the house with his mother and stepfather in it.
There are always little fires being set alight every day.
Everything was in shambles, set alight with fire and misted by smoke.
The 60-year-old was trapped inside his home for crucial minutes while fire crews dealt with rubbish set alight by pranksters on the other side of town.
The fire was still alight , as a burning island floating on the water filled pit.
Fire officers are certain her faulty electric blanket started the fire in which her hair and nightdress caught alight .
The cemetery is alight with candles that night.
Her eyes widened with fright and awe; they were alight with a bright white flame, as was every other place on her body she could see.
Mr Swales said they were also concerned about surrounding businesses as the blaze started to spread and set alight a fourth floor fire escape door on an adjoining building.