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alienation / отчуждение, отдаление, психоз
имя существительное
alienation, estrangement, expropriation
estrangement, alienation
psychosis, insanity, alienation, lunacy
имя существительное
the state or experience of being isolated from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved.
unemployment may generate a sense of political alienation
In this respect, transsexuality is little different from the various other ways in which people experience alienation from their bodies.
He also identified a sense of alienation from the political process, rather than apathy; a feeling of disengagement more likely to be found in areas of high deprivation.
I am not satisfied that an alienation or transfer of property, in and of itself, is a sufficient basis on which to imply a trust of that property.
Not the least of her problems is her painful sense of alienation from life - an alienation , she realizes, that neither wild nor domestic animals seem to feel.
While the movement may no longer be so visible, there is no diminution of that original sense of alienation from India.
Another example of alienation arises when one joint tenant charges his interest in the property.
This was the theory of alienation whereby the audience, already familiar with the story line, does not get caught up with the narrative.
In the last general election alienation from the establishment political parties led to a voter strike. The result was the lowest turnout since universal suffrage was introduced.
Government defeats in high-profile referendums on the Nice treaty and abortion have highlighted the political establishment's alienation from the electorate.
The heart of the dialectic lies in Hegel's theory of alienation .