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alienate / отчуждать, отдалять, отвращать
alienate, estrange, expropriate, alien
alienate, distance, estrange
turn away, avert, ward off, alienate, forfend, fend off
cause (someone) to feel isolated or estranged.
an urban environment that would alienate its inhabitants
transfer ownership of (property rights) to another person or group.
Consequently, unless the plaintiff alienated his ownership, he has been the owner of the case since it came into being.
I choose to be loyal to my values and to alienate my team members.
they defended the Masai against attempts to alienate their land
The experience will drive him away from his deaf parents and alienate him from an unsympathetic hearing world
I felt like the educational process was alienating me from my own child and not letting me participate.
It includes changing the climate of an institution from one that is hostile and alienating for members of particular groups to one that is sensitive and welcoming.
Rather, it is a need that grows from the inside, a need to overcome the chasm that divides and alienates us from the spiritual source of our existence and to bring forth the good that is within us.
What we have are two things going on: One, a society in which our children are alienated and isolated.
And this seems to be their problem; it doesn't know how to attract young people without alienating the older members.
It's here where Oldham's audience is forced to decide whether or not this whole project is just an elaborate joke to frustrate and alienate his fans.
the association does not wish to alienate its members