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alien / иностранец, чужак, чужестранец
имя существительное
foreigner, alien, gringo, tramontane, continental
stranger, alien
stranger, foreigner, alien, outlander
имя прилагательное
foreign, alien, strange, vicarious, unfamiliar, another's
alien, foreign, strange, extraneous, unfamiliar, inorganic
foreign, alien, external, exterior, tramontane, continental
alienate, estrange, expropriate, alien
имя прилагательное
belonging to a foreign country or nation.
This is blundering on foreign soil in an alien culture which they fail to grasp and arrogantly underestimate and they will ultimately pay the price of their ignorance.
имя существительное
a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.
an illegal alien
The first public announcements from our new alien overlords were supposed to have already occurred.
Would it matter if they were from poverty-stricken foreign lands, steeped in other religions and alien cultures?
It's easy to see why as it covers familiar territory of a disillusioned white man seeking redemption in his respect and defence of an alien culture.
But if anyone in Selby is genuinely concerned about being overwhelmed by alien cultures no one was saying so yesterday.
Either the eyewitness saw an alien spacecraft or he's a liar.
In other episodes, characters are inhabited by alien consciousnesses, or surgically altered so that they resemble other, alien races.
For example, much of what the filmmaker does is unknown or alien to the audience.
If she hadn't become a citizen then she would have turned into an enemy alien when the United States joined the war.
Reformation and reconstruction of an alien culture are a daunting task.
I'm a feminist science fiction critic who is married to an alien .