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alibi / алиби, оправдание, отговорка
имя существительное
justification, excuse, acquittal, defense, vindication, alibi
excuse, pretense, subterfuge, pretext, evasion, alibi
представить алиби
имя существительное
a claim or piece of evidence that one was elsewhere when an act, typically a criminal one, is alleged to have taken place.
she has an alibi for the whole of yesterday evening
offer an excuse or defense for (someone), especially by providing an account of their whereabouts at the time of an alleged act.
her friend agreed to alibi her
she has an alibi for the whole of yesterday evening
a catch-all alibi for failure and inadequacy
He refused to alibi , saying he had simply not done a good job holding onto the football.
As it became clear that the DNA evidence was likely to be accepted, I wondered what new evidence would damage the alibi .
This conclusion is sufficient also to dispose of the complaint about redirection on the date of the alibi witness statements.
One of the players against whom an allegation was made, an England international, is understood to be claiming he has an alibi .
The moment we get into murky decision-making processes, everybody has an alibi .
He called alibi evidence as to his earlier movements.
a defense of alibi
The second alibi , the Mongol invasion, is yet another favourite of their writing.