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algorithm / алгоритм, метод, правило
имя существительное
algorithm, logic, algorism
method, technique, way, mode, process, algorithm
rule, regulation, principle, canon, precept, algorithm
имя существительное
a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.
a basic algorithm for division
The algorithm employs quite elementary arithmetic and is stated by the authors in just 13 lines.
Here there is no unfolding to a single planar component but the algorithm finds an unfolding with four planar components.
One of the first applications of the simplex algorithm was to the determination of an adequate diet that was of least cost.
Another arithmetical result presented by Brahmagupta is his algorithm for computing square roots.
An algorithm known as the simplex method can be used to find these optimal strategies, but it will not be pursued here.
This first step is here reduced to a simple algorithm suitable for computer use.
a basic algorithm for division
a basic algorithm for division
He solved cubic equations by extending an algorithm for finding cube roots.
The following year he wrote on number theory, making a contribution to the theory of the Euclidean algorithm .