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alfalfa / люцерна
имя существительное
alfalfa, lucerne
имя существительное
a leguminous plant with cloverlike leaves and bluish flowers. Native to southwestern Asia, it is widely grown for fodder.
Here's an excuse to let a section of lawn grow tall and go to hay, or plant some of it to alfalfa , red clover or oats.
The leaves are long and smooth and travel up the entire stem, equivalent to alfalfa .
One is installing the pipes in a bed of woodchips and planting deep-rooting alfalfa over the top.
Red clover grows better than alfalfa in the acidic soils that are common in the Midwest.
Weed-free stands of clover or alfalfa and clean cultivated row crops are not likely to be infested.
The native prairie grasslands and alfalfa provide food and shelter for these birds.
He's also seeded pastures with legumes like alfalfa and red and white clovers.
The best source of fiber is hay, such as timothy, alfalfa , oat, or orchard grass.
Before planting your alfalfa or grass this spring, take time to evaluate your seedbed.
Jean's honey is mainly produced from the nectar of clover, alfalfa and fireweed.
A naturally occurring sugar found in pine tree shoots, alfalfa , soybeans and other legumes.