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alder / ольха
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a widely distributed tree of the birch family that has toothed leaves and bears male catkins and woody female cones.
The train passes mature hardwood maple, beech, yellow birch, hickory and American linden trees, and softwood alders and willows weeping over a calm pond.
Apple, willow, birch, poplar, citrus, alder and maple are varieties we have used.
Stunted forms of tree species such as dwarf birch, alder , arctic willow, white spruce, black spruce, tamarack, least willow, net-veined willow and blue-green willow grow here.
Trees which are especially suited for erosion control include varieties of birch, cedar, alder , fir, pine and redwood.
In Prussia the coal of the alder , limetree, poplar, elder, willow, hemp, and hazel is used for powder.
The River Derwent was brown and high, ducks sheltered in eddies, and little birds flitted from alder to willow to alder .
Pollen studies by scientists have revealed that both of the island chains were once covered in dense woodlands of birch, alder , willow, hazel, rowan and aspen.
The most suitable trees for bulbs and tubers are alder , ash, birch, cherry / Japanese cherry, oak and fruit trees.
Much of the weed was cleared out to allow easy angling, though plenty of silver birch, rowan, alder , sycamore and pine remain to provide a scenic backdrop.
The landscape's rustic tone is anticipated as visitors approach along a nearly mile-long driveway lined with redwood, alder , fir and madrone trees.
Oak and hazel were probably dominant, but with an intermixture of other species, including birch, alder - a tree of wetlands - ash and elm, which varied regionally.