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alcove / альков, ниша, беседка
имя существительное
alcove, recess, oriel, bed closet
niche, alcove, recess, dinette, bay, housing
alcove, arbor, pavilion, bower, summer house, garden house
имя существительное
a recess, typically in the wall of a room or of a garden.
Large social gatherings usually take place in a special room with two alcoves built into a wall.
Looking around the room again, he discovered an alcove in the wall next to the table.
They headed to the control room, a small alcove in the wall with a window cut out of it to see the entire hangar.
She sleeps in the alcove of an old wall that once formed the perimeter of a Maharaja's palace.
Elegantly erotic statues stood once more in alcoves around the room, and the massive murals were nearly finished.
Happell translated this brief into a curvy front counter with bright lights, white walls and little yellow-tiled alcoves , dominated by a large deep red menu board.
This is a tranquil lofty space, white-painted, lined down each wall with illuminated rendered alcoves and upholstered benches.
The interior was pleasant and interesting: an historic village inn which had been well refurbished, with beams exposed on the ceiling, an open fire and lots of little rooms and alcoves .
Recessed, arched alcoves terminating in solid plank wooden doors were placed about every 10 paces on alternate sides of the corridor.
They were headed farther down, several levels below the room they'd been in the day before, hoping to find more than empty rooms and bare alcoves .
Caregiver stations between patient rooms are ergonomically measured, adjustable stands built into wall alcoves .