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album / альбом, долгоиграющая пластинка, книга автографов
имя существительное
album, scrapbook
долгоиграющая пластинка
long play, album, long-playing record, long-player
книга автографов
имя существительное
a blank book for the insertion of photographs, stamps, or pictures.
the wedding pictures had pride of place in the family album
a collection of recordings issued as a single item on CD, record, or another medium.
First albums are often collections of tracks recorded over a long period of time.
We actually have a second album that we recorded that is just sitting on the shelf.
More cheaply, you can get a photo of your choice put on the cover of a photo album or address book.
The only regret is that this fertile collaboration was not extended to a full album .
the wedding pictures had pride of place in the family album
Their debut album is due for release later this year, and the girls describe it as being unique.
The only sad thing is that the process is taking longer than their debut album suggested.
Once we have digital copies of the other pictures I'll add the best of those to the album too.
Chesney has now recorded a new album , from which the second single is due out in a few months.
There are no photographs from his family album or of him performing with the famous.
He's a great deal smaller and thinner than he looks in photographs or on his album sleeves.