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albino / альбинос
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person or animal having a congenital absence of pigment in the skin and hair (which are white) and the eyes (which are typically pink).
He walks up next to him holding hands with her, a girl of her height who is a total albino , with white skin and hair, and pink eyes.
However, not all albino mutants are caused by carotenoid deficiencies; defects in chlorophyll biosynthesis would also lead to an albino phenotype, though, not in combination with vivipary.
The fruit shop is OK, more or less, except for the albino hermaphrodite delivery person, and the awful trick all the other people who work there have of smiling so intensely their eyes get squashed shut.
According to Foley, the animal is not a true albino but is merely a lighter color than the average giraffe.
It was the albino 's hair that lead Harry Ricketts to [transtasman] rivalry, real estate and beer-drinking.
Can't you just imagine the wily Texan wrestling with an endangered white rhino and somehow relating his past Tour experiences to getting a friendly mauling from the giant albino beast?
It is indeed an albino , pure white feathers, beak of brownish yellow - and in every other regard a crow.
Several chromosomal abnormalities were observed in the tetraploid albino plants.
I saw a child who was albino , the hair like floss, the eyes with points of pink in them that reached up and grabbed my soul.
Chicago artist Eduardo Kac became infamous last year for ‘Alba,’ an albino rabbit genetically engineered to glow green under blue light.
When the Lady had changed into a rose colored silken night gown with a albino fur overcoat, she slipped into her heavy blankets, and counted the days until she was to be entered into a marriage she did not wish to be a part [apart] of.