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albeit / хотя, тем не менее, даже хотя
although, though, albeit, if, as, notwithstanding
тем не менее
nevertheless, however, though, but, notwithstanding, albeit
даже хотя
he was making progress, albeit rather slowly
he was making progress, albeit rather slowly
The report deluged him with criticism, albeit worded in the silky prose of a veteran mandarin.
It was a clean-cut, agreeable dish albeit a touch bland for more adventurous palates.
The presence of live actors and real objects anchors you, albeit tenuously, in the world.
It was a no-turning-back speech, albeit spoken with an emotional catch in the throat.
The area continued as a centre for music into the Seventies and beyond, albeit on a much smaller scale.
Sports news is one area where some improvement is needed, albeit really rather slight.
Negotiation and mediation seems to be solving the Irish question albeit very slowly.
he was making progress, albeit rather slowly
We hear a song from our past and are transported back to a memory from long ago, albeit a good or a bad one.