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alarmist / паникер
имя существительное
alarmist, jitterbug, scaremonger, flapper, panic-monger, fear-monger
имя существительное
someone who is considered to be exaggerating a danger and so causing needless worry or panic.
They argue that the problem does not exist, or has been grossly exaggerated, and they call the reformers alarmists , fanatics, scaremongers, prophets of doom and so on.
имя прилагательное
creating needless worry or panic.
alarmist rumors
At the same time, he sought to dismiss scare stories and alarmist reports in sections of the press, and stressed that Britain would continue to offer a warm welcome to genuine migrant workers and refugees.
What is the rational response to Shelby's alarmist words?
This, conceded the correspondent, ‘laid the ground for every conceivable rumour’, and contributed to alarmist reports in the Western media about the scale of the damage.
It triggered off right away some alarmist reactions at some of the mailing lists I have subscribed to, since it suggests a ‘crackdown’.
I have long been skeptical of alarmist demographic projections for the Palestinians, so the above-mentioned report doesn't surprise me.
But Rice kept on saying these alarmist things nevertheless.
But then, perhaps I'm slightly alarmist or paranoid?
Brian Caton, general secretary of the Prison Officers Association, said the claims were not alarmist and warned that the situation in prisons across the country was getting worse.
In common with most alarmist theories, the concerns have been blown up out of all proportion to what is actually happening on the ground - but that does not mean that all is quiet on the south-east Asian front.
MR MULHOLLAND, I found your particular brand of negative alarmist journalism quite entertaining when I first started reading your column.