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alar / крыловидный, крылатый, подмышечный
имя прилагательное
alar, aliform, alary
winged, feathered, alar, pinioned, wingy, feathery
axillary, underarm, alar
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a wing or wings.
We took blood from the alar vein in the wing by inserting a needle into the vein and drawing blood into a vacutainer containing the anticoagulant lithium heparin.
Leaf with alternate large and small teeth; alar cells distinctly subquadrate.
It may terminate as a submental artery, i.e., not reaching the face, or as a labial or alar nasi (lateral nasal) artery and not as the angular (43% of cases studied).
The wing illustration depicts the alar bone structure and flight membrane and is not to scale.
The alar plica or alar folds are prominent crescentic folds of synovial membrane, extending dorsalward on each side of the patella from the base of the infrapatellar synovial fold.
Autoicous, perigonia in axillary buds, perichaetial leaves weakly differentiated... and alar cells that are somewhat enlarged and weakly differentiated.
On capture, a 250-l sample of whole blood was obtained from the alar wing vein of each individual.
We captured undisturbed birds and collected the initial baseline blood samples by puncturing the alar vein and collecting blood in heparinized microhematocrit 100-l tubes.
It should be understood that the factors leading to the nasal deformity have already produced changes in the lower lateral cartilage, nostril, columella, septum, alar base, and so on.
In ostriches the alar bone integrated with the elements of the prefrontal bones.
The smaller alar fissure width on flowers of non-fruiting plants apparently reduces the probability of successful pollinia insertions in these plants.