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alacrity / готовность, живость, рвение
имя существительное
readiness, alacrity, willingness, preparedness, trim, promptitude
liveliness, vivacity, vitality, alacrity, agility, life
zeal, eagerness, fervor, ardor, fervency, alacrity
имя существительное
brisk and cheerful readiness.
she accepted the invitation with alacrity
she accepted the invitation with alacrity
It isn't that the British responded to the crisis with insufficient alacrity , or that they showed a want of resolve.
Among the latest batch of begging letters was a request to speak at Gordonstoun, which she has accepted with alacrity .
But today's most exciting trends tend to erupt, rather than trickle down; they come and go with dizzying alacrity .
That is why he will agree to your proposition with alacrity .
But then again, he did leave the helicopter with alacrity when we landed and the door was finally slid open.
I was offered the appointment a couple of months ago and accepted with alacrity - what a tremendous honour.
This was a situation I would have to remedy, and with alacrity .
It's a recipe for good decision-making in terms of the speed and alacrity with which you can make decisions, of course.
Mr Garner, who is described as ‘soft-spoken, humble and efficient’, accepted the job with alacrity .