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akin / сродни
имя прилагательное
related, kindred, akin, sister, cognate, kin
similar, like, resembling, alike, akin, twin
akin, affined
имя прилагательное
of similar character.
something akin to gratitude overwhelmed her
This gives it a unique character, more akin to a board game such as chess than to a normal card game.
Without having read his comments, something akin to that feeling always propelled me on.
Since the collapse of Enron in January 2002, maintenance has become more akin to life support.
It's more akin to buying a lottery ticket than paying for a service.
This is an experience that cannot be replicated outside a university or something at least akin to it.
Goodwin describes the process as being akin to working on a jigsaw.
Salvaging good news from such a disaster may be akin to pulling a shopping trolley out of a canal - what exactly do you gain?
But within the Labour tribe, it is akin to smashing a sacred tablet of stone.
The limestone pavement gives the island a character akin to the Burren with a similar flora.
At the moment the situation is very much akin to the tail wagging the dog.