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akimbo / подбоченясь
имя прилагательное
with hands on the hips and elbows turned outward.
she stood with arms akimbo , frowning at the small boy
One client told me that when he asked whether he had been breast-fed, his mother, arms akimbo , warned him off with a glare.
One clenched fist held aloft, as he leaps - legs akimbo - on to one of his colleagues' shoulders, Pele was also a master of the celebration.
he collapsed on the bed, legs akimbo
She briefly imagined his pose: arms akimbo , hips jutting outward in impatience, thick black brows lowered ominously over angry eyes, mouth set in disapproval.
They had left him chained in the room, limbs akimbo , naked except for crimson-soaked bandages.
I stood there, arms akimbo , and glowered at him.
Camillus differs from Brutus and Scaevola in his energetic and tense posture, his legs apart, his left arm akimbo , and his right hand grasping the banner high up the pole.
They stand opposite each other, arms akimbo , for a while.
She'd landed on her bottom, legs akimbo , and her long red ringlets of hair had flopped forward, vaulting the crown of her head to hide her eyes.
she stood with arms akimbo , frowning at the small boy