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ajar / приоткрытый, приотворенный
имя прилагательное
в разладе
(of a door or other opening) slightly open.
she had left the window ajar that morning
out of harmony.
My temper was so thoroughly ajar .
She eased up to a door that was slightly ajar and peeked inside the room to view about six or seven men sitting at a round wooden table, discussing something.
The door was slightly ajar , allowing her to slip in quietly.
Hurrying over to 818, she was not very surprised to find the door slightly ajar .
Martin peers through an ajar door which opens into the lobby.
My hand grasped the knob and I turned it gently, pushing the door slightly ajar .
He found the door slightly ajar , and pushed it on open, clearing his throat to warn the occupant of his entering, but Greg found the room empty.
At the eleventh hour the door was left slightly ajar once more.
The one window was open and the door stood slightly ajar , yet she did not get the impression that the house was abandoned.
They exited the room through the slightly ajar door, where they saw Xavier and Saulo using the phone, Xavier with tears in his eyes.
There was a window that was slightly ajar , to a room with an open door, where the two ARC men were holding a conversation.