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airy-fairy / витающий в облаках, мечтательный
имя прилагательное
витающий в облаках
dreamy, visionary, moony, fanciful, faraway, airy-fairy
имя прилагательное
impractical and foolishly idealistic.
love might seem an airy-fairy, romantic concept
I know that is all airy-fairy wet-liberal stuff but I am within ten pages of the end of the Larkin book and it is not nice.
I hope a judge tells this airy-fairy libertarian just where he can shove his human rights.
None of them are what might be called happy-slappy, airy-fairy wedges of news.
It's an airy-fairy philosophical concept that even the experts can't satisfactorily define.
My mother made a conscious effort to not let us have what she considered airy-fairy stuff like fairy-tale books.
But, once again, the last thing the town needs is airy-fairy suggestions about creating a new image creating false expectations for the future.
There's got to be some people who are interested in matters of spirituality, and not in an airy-fairy new-agey way.
‘It is not going to be an airy-fairy place for a lot of violins, it's right across the board from rock music to folk,’ explained John Metcalfe.
In every bar and restaurant, every nook and cranny, were people talking about deals, done deals, would-be deals, projects, scripts, airy-fairy stories and sheer invention.
Projections of fabulous budget surpluses that provide the premise for this year's political action are no less airy-fairy .