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airy / просторный, воздушный, легкий
имя прилагательное
spacious, roomy, ample, airy, spacey, wide
air, airy, aerial, overhead, light, ethereal
easy, light, lightweight, slight, mild, airy
имя прилагательное
(of a room or building) spacious, well lit, and well ventilated.
The old ginger wine storage facility has been divided into spacious, airy rooms with stylish features such as Spanish wood doors and window frames and brightly coloured original beams.
giving an impression of being unconcerned or not serious, typically about something taken seriously by others.
her airy unconcern for economy
His light, airy falsetto reminds me of the voice of Green Gartside from Scritti Politti - all candyfloss and angel hair.
Dr. Singly couldn't help but to be amazed at the tone of her voice - although it certainly wasn't light and airy , it seemed only as if she were discussing the first time she had spoken publicly and it hadn't gone so well.
As we wander back to Ridley's villa, with its airy rooms and marble floor, I comment that private education doesn't come cheap.
The bright, airy building proved an ideal setting for the colourful mix of traditional and modern paintings and drawings that make up the display.
‘Perfectly fine,’ said Harp in an airy voice and starting to get up from the bed, ignoring the stinging pain in his arm.
There's an airy , audible crispness to the shell, and a fine, pungent kick to the filling.
Ether is, when you really get down to it, a gas that is soft and airy and can knock you unconscious.
A fine, floating, airy thing they called cloud.
The rooms are spacious and airy and feel more like an upscale Bed and Breakfast in their comfort.
Its driver, insouciant about having one more dent to add to the several he had already accumulated, waved an airy palm of instant forgiveness.