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airwaves / радиоволны
имя существительное
имя существительное
the radio frequencies used for broadcasting.
football pervades the airwaves
The songs I grew up with have faded away from the airwaves but not out of my mind.
It's the first time I'm being let loose on the airwaves as a presenter!
Young broadcasters hit the airwaves this week after the launch of their school's radio station.
Its hard drive can store 100 movies, and an antenna receives new films via broadcast airwaves .
The government could then sell off the airwaves to mobile phone companies.
Her bubbly personality plus her perceptive understanding of local issues mean that Liz is a natural on the airwaves .
News and live programmes were significantly affected, but there were no blank screens or dead airwaves .
It seems one of my election anecdotes graced the airwaves of Radio 4's Newsquiz yesterday.
With the terrestrial giants in decline, cable and satellite look set to rule the airwaves for some time to come.
This week Ali is shopping the song around to Alberta radio stations hoping it will hit the airwaves .