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airtight / герметичный, воздухонепроницаемый, герметический
имя прилагательное
sealed, airtight, watertight
hermetic, airtight, sealed, airproof, pressurized, watertight
имя прилагательное
not allowing air to escape or pass through.
Most modern stoves are airtight and allow the amount of combustion air that feeds the flame to be controlled.
Their [Chevron's] IP portfolio of roughly 5,000 active records was airtight
A small amount of sugar is added to the bottle before sealing it airtight .
They needed to provide key corporate information to remote users, but in a way that was airtight in its security.
The band, as could be expected for one that toured so much, was airtight in their performance, almost to the point of seeming robotic.
Gays and lesbians will most likely be able to wed legally soon in Massachusetts following a landmark same-sex marriage ruling by the state's top court that experts said is airtight -- at least for now.
Illingworth siblings do not exude that air; certainly Duke has motives for crime, though his alibi seems airtight .
The government has an airtight case and was definitely not behind the explosion.
The Rockefeller interests were not in crisis, however: his monopoly was airtight .
The circle closed, and the irony was airtight .
The legislators in Hawaii had thought of that before I did and the law was airtight .