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airspace / воздушное пространство
имя существительное
воздушное пространство
airspace, midair
имя существительное
space available in the atmosphere immediately above the earth.
temples and mosques fight for airspace with skyscrapers
Aircraft overflying Irish airspace account for about 80% of the authority's revenue.
Generally, ownership of an area of ground includes the airspace immediately above that area up to the skies.
Although other countries such as Austria, Moldova, Switzerland and Finland insist on applying charges to all military aircraft in their airspace , Ireland will continue to write off the fees.
the landlord is unable to extend his property without trespass to his tenant's airspace
Aircraft encroaching on U.S. airspace was a more straightforward affair in that the warning time was longer and the source of the threat was obvious.
temples and mosques fight for airspace with skyscrapers
A small aircraft entered restricted airspace over Washington for the second time this month.
Government departments have reached a draft agreement to give the military sole authority to shoot down unidentified aircraft entering forbidden airspace .
What do you make of the idea of a directive coming out soon advising pilots to avoid airspace above or near sites like power plants, dams, refineries, and other complexes?
This will enable the defence forces to better respond to possible future incursions into Australia's airspace by aircraft and missiles.