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airship / дирижабль, воздушный корабль
имя существительное
airship, dirigible, blimp
воздушный корабль
имя существительное
a power-driven aircraft that is kept buoyant by a body of gas (typically helium, formerly hydrogen) that is lighter than air.
Academics are developing ways to replace satellites and mobile telephone masts with solar-powered airships for better and cheaper telecommunications.
The airship slowly lifted off the ground just before they arrived.
The airship pitched suddenly diving forward and then back as the aircraft shuddered in a sick whine.
It was here he assembled his first airship in 1900.
The Zeppelin airship is back, almost 70 years after it went down in a blaze in an accident in Germany.
It then possessed 39 aircraft, 52 seaplanes, and 7 airships .
Since the demise of the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg, helium was in big demand as the buoyant gas for airships .
Balloons, like airships , get their lift from a structure containing a gas that is less dense than the air surrounding the balloon.
Yet commanders quickly grasped the ability to use aircraft or airships to threaten deep behind the front line .
Sixty years ago, he was a 17-year-old boy on his way to Bedford to learn all there was about aeroplanes and airships .
Submarines were attacked by aircraft, airships , mines, Naval vessels (including submarines) and merchant ships.