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airport / аэропорт, иллюминатор
имя существительное
porthole, illuminator, airport, bull's-eye
имя существительное
a complex of runways and buildings for the takeoff, landing, and maintenance of civil aircraft, with facilities for passengers.
It is worth checking, too, for seasonal charter flights from Scottish airports .
But, at least in my case, it takes a couple of days to get through even an airport paperback.
It's wrong, though, to hit an airport without an airport novel, one of those well-thumbed paperbacks bankrupt of literary merit.
another airport thriller
an airport thriller
Some people might laugh at them as airport novels, but I get a good read from them.
To be sure, he is an airport novelist, in the sense that airport bookstores are piled high with his books.
It has the structure in some ways of an airport paperback but has the style and depth of a literary novel.
We are used to arriving at airports and being able to get on and off aeroplanes in very little time.
We are condemned to spend hours and money waiting for connecting flights in foreign airports .
Flights from Gatwick are included, but connections from Scottish airports are extra.