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airman / летчик, авиатор, авиаспециалист
имя существительное
pilot, flyer, airman, aviator, flier, flyboy
aviator, airman
имя существительное
a pilot or member of the crew of an aircraft, especially in an air force.
It's the level of organization where Air Force pilots and airmen feel they're part of the same unit.
You'll need to fill out an FAA airman 's form, which is completed by the safety inspector and then sent to Oklahoma City for record keeping.
Young is only the second airman , and the first female to qualify as a flight deck director aboard Nimitz.
A lot of times you're not, as a downed pilot or a downed airman , able to avoid capture.
The boat got stuck on a mud bank and his skipper shouted to let the airman go.
He was reinstated at his former senior airman rank and assigned to Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.
Though admittedly this was not a breakthrough idea, it was a reasonable request, so Smith's office worked with the airman to implement a solution.
If you're at least a senior airman with three years' Air Force experience, you can submit a package.
A recruit can easily become a fireman in engineering on a frigate or just as easily direct aircraft on a carrier as an airman .
The airman notified a tech sergeant, who then opened a panel to check the hydraulic leak.
He was incensed that loyal soldiers, sailors and airmen who had fought for their country under the most extreme conditions were denied the chance to create new careers for themselves.