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airline / авиакомпания, авиалиния, прямая линия
имя существительное
airline, airway, air route, air lane
прямая линия
straight, beeline, airline
имя существительное
an organization providing a regular public service of air transportation on one or more routes.
Which further low cost routes would you like airlines to serve from Manchester Airport?
a pipe supplying air.
use an air line to inflate those tires
He managed to con people into believing he was an airline pilot, a lawyer and a doctor.
A trio of companies will be also reporting on the state of the airline market.
In the airline industry a pilot who reports an error is immune from disciplinary action.
Dave works as a cabin crew air steward, but is hoping for a career as a commercial airline pilot.
airline pilot
Some airlines just put on routes because they think they can stimulate traffic.
It will carry telephone and data cables along with fresh water and fuel supply lines and high and low pressure air lines .
Yet it seems that almost every passing day brings new airlines or new services.
Replace the air lines and any other details you removed from the boiler.
If you work for the airlines or the retail business, staff only get one weekend in four off.