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airless / безвоздушный, душный, безветренный
имя прилагательное
stuffy, stifling, sultry, airless, suffocating, close
windless, calm, breathless, airless
имя прилагательное
stuffy; not ventilated.
a dusty, airless basement
By contrast the house was stuffy and airless and I repaired to my garden chair, Dolly and Harry following on behind.
I wish this office wasn't so stuffy and airless .
The further the tube goes underground the more airless and muggy it becomes and I am grateful for papers to read.
I was in the airless room for an hour, putting the enormous pile of records into numerical order, stuffing them inside their correct folders.
While some of the group are consigned to cramped, noisy, airless basement cells, we languish in our very own mini-suite, with polished panelling and heavy traditional furniture, all in rich dark woods.
The ‘office’ was a dour, airless place, with bulletproof glass screens protecting the two women who were processing the queue.
It was a line-up with colourful opinions that frequently clashed, but after a migraine-inducing day in the airless basement of a London hotel, a shortlist of 10 was produced.
After a cold dinner of egg sandwiches by candlelight we turned in early to our stuffy, airless rooms at 9.30 pm, exhausted.
I love good food, good company, music, and the outdoors (ironic, as this is being typed up at a computer terminal in an airless building!)
To his surprise, it started to become humid and airless .