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airing / вентиляция, выход в эфир, аэрация
имя существительное
ventilation, venting, aeration, airing
выход в эфир
имя прилагательное
airing, siccative
имя существительное
an exposure to warm or fresh air, for the purpose of ventilating or removing dampness from something.
somebody had given the place a thorough airing
a public expression of an opinion or subject.
these are ideas I feel might be worth an airing
express (an opinion or grievance) publicly.
a meeting in which long-standing grievances were aired
expose (a room) to the open air in order to ventilate it.
the window sashes were lifted regularly to air the room
It is excellent to see the results of this work receive a public airing in a very readable form, but at the same time disappointing that the material has not been attacked in a more systematic manner.
I hope the BBC gives the play another airing very soon
He stressed he was not making any presumptions about her outlook, but said she had considerable experience of incineration projects and her views on this area needed to be given a public airing .
Whistle-blowers are typically protected by federal and state laws because, as a policy matter, we as a society want to encourage the public airing of official wrongdoing.
Initial airing of the commercial last summer created 40 percent volume peaks, Dannon reports.
The popularity of the game has been fueled by the airing of tournaments and celebrity games on American television.
Even the smallest of the ITV stations at times tried hard to get an airing for some of the special programmes that they had made.
Because that's when the new Chanel No 5 ad hits cinema screens, with a first airing on television the following week.
The debate was interesting though and it was good to hear the subject getting an airing .
Expecting Herbert all the time, I dared not go out, except when I took Provis for an airing after dark.