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airfare / стоимость авиабилета
имя существительное
стоимость авиабилета
имя существительное
the price of a passenger ticket for travel by aircraft.
save a bundle in airfare by flying standby
Travel to London or Amsterdam or choose Paris or Vienna and stay for up to six months with an airfare priced from $1799.
save a bundle in airfare by flying standby
Critics have charged the airline was reckless in reducing airfares during such a turbulent time in the industry.
Stubbornly low airfares hurt the airlines, but the biggest culprit is the soaring cost of jet fuel.
That's probably bad news for the industry, which has blamed its billion dollar losses partially on persistently low airfares .
With airfares at historic lows and fuel prices soaring, even full planes may not be enough to turn the tide at some airlines.
Many Wall Street analysts do not understand how lowering airfares will raise revenues.
Wong says the increase in Australian visitors is due mainly to better airfares and more convenient aircraft connections in and out of Auckland.
Price airfares and vacation packages on several different sites to see what the average rate is for your travel dates.
The site aims to find you the best real-time prices on airfares by trawling 35 airlines and travel websites.