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airdrop / выброска десанта, сбрасывание с самолета, выброска с воздуха
имя существительное
выброска десанта
airdrop, parachute landing
сбрасывание с самолета
выброска с воздуха
имя существительное
an act of dropping supplies, troops, or equipment by parachute from an aircraft.
This directorate also certifies aircraft for the airdrop of personnel and equipment.
drop (such things) by parachute.
During the Korean war, for example, it made more than 100 hazardous overflights of mainland China, airdropping agents and supplies.
The Agency, however, arranged to airdrop a planeload of medicines, tools, and clothing for the village.
On February 14th, the 23rd RCT received supplies via an airdrop to replenish ammunition expended during the previous night's fight.
This directorate also certifies aircraft for the airdrop of personnel and equipment.
Forbidding terrain made conventional land supply impossible, requiring the United States to develop capabilities to airdrop supplies.
You have a number of small infantry robots, which you airdrop on an area.
the military will airdrop relief supplies
Helicopters and transport aircraft have been used to airdrop food supplies to areas not easily reached by land.
As a result, India plans to airdrop food items in the capital under a contingency plan, the English-language Himalayan Times reported Sunday.
So why use strategic airlift assets to carry out an airdrop mission with impact at the strategic level?
The aircraft provides troop and equipment transport, airdrop and medical evacuation for cargo weighing up to 7,820 pounds.