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aircrew / экипаж самолета, экипаж дирижабля
имя существительное
экипаж самолета
экипаж дирижабля
имя существительное
the crew staffing an aircraft.
Houle also suggested to higher authorities that downed aircrews use the term Mayday instead of just talking on the radio.
With the exception of Lieutenant Alun Jones, 28 of the aircrew and passengers were provided with individual headstones at the time.
Professionally, I think our juniors see it as a measure of expertise, while for some aircrew it is a security factor.
I forgot about the aircrew in back and what they were doing.
each aircraft carried three aircrew
Waiting for clearance to take-off, aircrew and passengers alike sweat profusely.
each aircraft carried three aircrew
However, as a result of a massive rescue operation only 16 pilots and 33 aircrew remained missing by first light on June 20th.
Non-flying aircrew and engineers were able to watch the action from a nearby hillside, which only served to increase the concentration of the flying pilots.
Many WWII aircrew survived combat, only to lose their lives over friendly soil.
In terms of job descriptions which might be affected by the drugs, the document says they are not to be prescribed for aircrew or divers who are on active flying or diving status.