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airborne / бортовой, авиационный, перевозимый по воздуху
имя прилагательное
onboard, airborne
aviation, air, aeronautical, aircraft, aerial, airborne
перевозимый по воздуху
airborne, flown
имя прилагательное
transported by air.
airborne pollutants
He was struck down with what is believed to be the airborne virus Norwalk on Tuesday tea-time, and his mother became ill a few hours later.
These attach themselves to airborne pollutants such as exhaust fumes, giving them an electrical charge.
Wing heat, on the other hand, could do damage on the ground and is only available when airborne .
The aircraft remained airborne for a total of 24 hours, dropping 35,000 food parcels.
If, you got the nose too high too soon, you could get into a position where it would not get airborne .
It is usually a very mild infection, transmitted as a moderately contagious airborne infection.
If there is a quantity of smoke or other airborne pollutant particles present, it is known as smog.
The airborne virus has considerable stability in aerosol form.
Once airborne , though, one's flight path is entirely at the whim of the wind.
Or some that make it into their flights get sick while airborne or shortly after landing.