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aioli / айоли
имя существительное
mayonnaise seasoned with garlic.
Mine came generously topped with roast lamb and onions plus a very yummy garlic aioli (I declined capsicums).
For aioli : In a bowl, add the egg yolk, mustard, garlic, and paprika and whisk to combine.
On the lighter side, the cold spring rolls - filled with shrimp, mint, wasabi and roast garlic aioli , playfully garnished with cellophane noodles and black sesame seeds - were a refreshing surprise.
Curley serves them with ramekins of Southwestern aioli that's salmon-colored and chock-full of sun-dried tomatoes and dried chipotle peppers.
Beneath the turkey was a rich garlicky aioli that contrasted and complemented everything beautifully.
Chopped raw garlic lends an assertive flavor to vinaigrettes, salsas, and other sauces such as aioli .
Chicken and coconut soup, pan-fried garlic prawns with leeks and saffron aioli , and crab parcels with sautéed lettuce all offered their particular charms.
And with a batter like that, you really wanted something to dip it in: garlic aioli or anything.
An aioli aromatic with coriander seed and lemon (mayo at its most celestial) makes for a strange and interesting contrast - not to mention the fact that it is good enough to eat straight.
Spoon some mayonnaise or aioli over the fish fillets and put briefly under a griller, before serving the dish.
In the end, I chose the tempura version with saffron aioli and red pepper salsa.