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ailment / недуг, болезнь, недомогание
имя существительное
disease, ailment, affliction, complaint
disease, illness, sickness, ailment, malady, sick
malaise, indisposition, ailment, distress, complaint, ail
имя существительное
an illness, typically a minor one.
Along the way, minor ailments were treated and hypochondria dispelled, with adept matter of factness.
the doctor diagnosed a common stomach ailment
she has a back ailment
A man hunched over with pain and troubled by a lengthy list of illnesses and ailments .
There is an increase in respiratory ailments , flu and accidents due to the bad weather.
Every centre deals with common ailments and can give you advice on what to do about non-urgent conditions.
However, the harsh reality is that cures are still lacking for many common ailments , such as cancer and obesity.
He may be successful without other ailments like fever, common cold and whatever.
Another problem I have is with people who grossly exaggerate minor ailments just to get extended time off work.
The personnel would be screened for blood pressure, diabetes and heart ailments .
Bone and joint ailments such as arthritis and rheumatism are often reported too.